I HAVE worked in Glasgow all of my adult life and have commuted to the city by rail from various locations.

I know all commuters like to moan, but I really do think the service today is significantly poorer than 20 years ago.

Each day, I read dozens of Tweets complaining about ScotRail – from carriages that are too hot to carriages that are too cold, from delays to cancellations.

What I have never seen is a complaint about the time taken to complete a scheduled journey.

So forget about spending millions cutting 20 minutes off the Glasgow-Edinburgh run and concentrate on providing enough seats on the services we have right now ... and getting them to run on time!

B Robertson Via e-mail

YOUR story (November 9) on the history of the city's Subway was very interesting

I use the underground quite regularly, and my travels get me to just about every station.

At the moment, the Subway is being done up, and it's beginning to look great.

I am amazed at the changes that are taking place underground.

Now, if they could only extend the rails to Renfrew and Paisley that would be magic.

George Drummond


I WAS sad and angry to hear that an elderly lady was refused permission when she asked if she could sell poppies at Asda in the Forge Parkhead on Thursday.

What happened to Glasgow the Caring City?

Mrs M McKie


WITH the latest MOD cuts, it seems the UK will end up with a part-time army of TA recruits.

But in these times of double dip or treble dip recession the cuts should be made at Westminster. There are loads of MPs who don't bother to turn up for debates and votes.

If anyone spots Gordon Brown, Charles Kennedy or David Miliband please point them out.

Commons Speaker John Bercow has a lot to answer for.

Surely he can see, week after week, that they are missing from their duties.

Ian Garrity