KEEPING our streets clear of dog mess has been the focus of many targeted campaigns, and there is a noticeable difference in the city centre.

Further out, however, in the communities where most people live there has been a persistent problem with dog fouling that has been a blight for years.

The current campaign which has seen more than 600 people caught letting their dog foul and not clean up after their pet is a step forward.

Too many people are either too lazy or inconsiderate to bother, or they allow their dog to roam free, leaving others to tip toe through filthy streets.

The people of the city are right behind the campaign with the number of cases reported rocketing, which shows the majority of us are actively seeking to make and keep our streets clean and safe.

The sanctions are tough, with a fine of up to £500 and, ultimately for persistent offenders, the possibility of being deemed unsuitable to keep a pet and have their dog removed and re-homed.

There are streets were people have put up with it thinking there's nothing you can do, but now with CCTV and records kept of dog owners culprits can be identified.

So, the more people get involved and take a stand against the city's 'dirty dogs', the greater the chance we have of keeping Glasgow a clean and healthier city.