FURTHER to your article 'Day centres threatened with closure' (November 13), I take it the 'consultation' promised by the council will be the usual tick box exercise.

I will be particularly interested in the hearing about the special transport consultation.

Transport for vulnerable groups has been slashed in recent years.

Does the three hours mentioned in the article relate to the time people spend on council transport runs, or the time it takes vulnerable service users to reach their centres using public transport?

I also hope that when the council talks about offering "a more flexible and responsive service for those who have the ability to pursue their own interests", they can come up with something more than wandering around the St Enoch, Silverburn and Braehead Shopping Centres.

But then, this is cheaper than operating a building-based, day care service.

M McGuigan Glasgow

YESTERDAY morning, while it was still dark, I almost tripped over a beggar in Renfield Street.

He had positioned himself on a narrow pavement which required passers-by to negotiate their way around him.

It was not yet 9am, but around the corner was a young lady sitting on the pavement with a cup extended. I presume they were on the early shift!

What is the council waiting for. Do they want to ensure we have beggars outside every shop and business in the city?

It's time to take a leaf out of other cities' books who have adopted a pro-active approach and don't allow begging to detract from visitors' experience of their city centres.

Bill Love Mosspark

IT SEEMS increasingly common that people mix up the 12 and 24-hour clock.

I've just booked a cinema ticket online with a start time of 1600pm. It should either be 4pm or 1600 hours.

I see this mix-up regularly outside shops.

Peter Liddell Paisley