I write to record the appreciation of Glen Oaks Housing Association for the outstanding coverage you gave us (£10m boost will help to build a better Arden, November 5).

This went far beyond anything we had expected and I wanted you to know how grateful the staff, management committee and, I am sure, our tenants are.

It was very much a talking point in the community, which confirms what we already knew – that the Evening Times is well read in Arden.

Alasdair McKee

Chief Executive

THE story, on Thursday, about a black Hackney cab driver getting angry and driving off, causing his passenger to fall out, was extremely upsetting.

My husband and I took a cab home to Renfrew on Tuesday night, after a meal in Glasgow.

Our driver didn't know the way, even with the sat-nav, but instead of asking us, he started heading in the wrong direction.

Now it often happens that you have to help with directions, that's not a problem, but it was his confrontational attitude at the end which was unnerving, even to the "listen lady!" phrase.

What a difference compared to the very pleasant young guy who took us in to Glasgow from Renfrew, who chatted pleasantly and helpfully.

In future, when I am treated like this, I will take the driver's number.

J Armstrong

Via e-mail

IN reply to 'A very unhappy resident' (Letters, November 12); the majority of our Board members are tenants who were faced with the very difficult decision whether to continue to run the Courtyard Cafe at Westercommon at a significant loss or close it in its current form.

The board decided, reluctantly, to close the cafe, but also to consult with locals about the future use of the Courtyard Community Centre.

The centre does and will continue to play a very important role in the community.

Fin McElhinney

Director of Housing and Customer Services

Queens Cross Housing Association