EACH week the Evening Times will throw the spotlight on one of the dozens of new businesses determined to succeed.

They are the future for Glasgow and the West of Scotland's economy and are working hard to achieve success in the face of continuing economic hardship.

Many start-up businesses are struggling to take off because of the economic downturn, and this new column will offer advice for potential start-ups.

Each start-up will answer the same questions about their business and their answers will be showcased in the Evening Times every Wednesday.

Today we talk to SaraJane Lynch

Who are you?

SaraJane Lynch – founder of tru:beauty Skincare, creator of tru

What does your business do? Gives glamourous skincare to people with high maintenance skin.

Where are you based?

Edinburgh/Glasgow and anywhere my path takes me.

How did you get started?

Wanting to make a stance in skincare after years of putting up with the 'norm'.

What is your background?

Full-time single mum, University BA Hons graduated 2012, Beauty Therapy (ITEC – Mary Reid Spa Academy)

What is your top tip?

Never 'blend' in, follow your dream! The ones who believe they can change the world do.

How long has your business been running?

I'm pre-start but sourcing investment and the offers, launching end of this year.

Has anyone helped you get started and how?

PSYBT loan.

What was your biggest mistake/or what would you do differently?

Learn by mistakes and change for no one.

Who was/is your mentor/or inspiration?

My dad – he brought me up himself. Also Anita Roddick, who wanted to make change in a positive way.

Where do you plan your business to be in five years?

Market leader, with marketing campaigns off the scale!

Useful contacts


sjl@trubeauty skincare.co.uk