I WAS surprised to read that £4million is to be spent on an expansion of Crookston Castle High School, while pupils at another school are trying to raise £24,000 to have it painted (Monday).

How can such a large sum be spent on one and no money for the other?

I am also curious as to how the councillors came to the figure of £4m. How many schools could be repaired and painted for that money?

Lastly, Crookston Castle is a new school – were there no projections about the number of pupils it may have to cater for in the future?

A Alexander


I commend the Evening Times' coverage of the problematic lane in Shettleson (Tuesday).

In the past, the council supported lane closures at Waterloo Street to curb anti-social behaviour and also in Cardonald by Councillor Alastair Watson.

Why are we paying people in the council to be negative and obstructive? Maybe the public should erect a gate in front of the City Chambers to stop these anti-community employees from entering.

Mr Clean

Via e-mail

Fumes' tale

THE proposed development at Montague Street and Great Western Road, on a former petrol station site, reminded me of working at Kelvinbridge station in the 70s, when the underground was closed for weeks because petrol fumes were permeating the system.

Elizabeth Abraham Via e-mail

THERE is no respite from fuel bill misery.

It doesn't ease the pain when you read big energy firm Scottish & Southern Energy have just made £400million half-year profits.

Basic necessities such as lighting and heating are now luxury items.

George Drummond Glasgow

I'M sick of the poor condition of roads in Glasgow city centre.

The article on whether the city is sinking (Wednesday) just goes to show what a state the roads are in.

I dread to think what will happen if we have a big freeze again.

C Lindsay

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