AARON KAWANI doesn't realise it yet but he just won one of the most coveted titles in Glasgow.

The response to our second Times Tot competition was phenomenal and the tens of thousands of votes cast shows how much interest and support there was for each of our entrants.

Aaron and our two runners up proved to be the pick of the bunch, but, as every parent knows, each and every single one of the 600 who entered the contest at St Enoch Centre is very special indeed.

A competition is nothing without those who enter, so we must thank all the parents and grandparents who queued up to have the picture taken.

St Enoch Centre staff and management were also crucial to the smooth running of the competition, managing the high numbers and providing generous prizes for the winners.

But the overall winner is Aaron, so our warmest congratulations go to the little man and his proud parents, Gemma Clark and Sam Kawani.

One dayAaron will be able to read all about his success as mum and dad have kept copies of the Evening Times for him when he's old enough.

Meantime the whole family can enjoy their prize of a trip to London to see the Lion King.

We done to Aaron and thanks to everyone who entered.