Re 'paws for thought' (Letters, November 13) try "pause and think".

First calling someone sanctimonious for not wishing to have other people's dogs attention foisted on them is nothing more than a transfer of responsibility on the part of the dog owner.

Secondly, people have every right to walk the pavements, paths and walkways without obstruction or hindrance by any dog, whether or not on a lead or under control, be it friendly, boisterous, or aggressive.

Thirdly, people may be allergic to dogs, they may have a fear of dogs, they could have inhalers they have to take and don't think it's hygienic to have even a friendly dog sniffing or licking their hands, or perhaps they don't want dirty dog paws on their clothes.

Dogs are, however, responsible for biting more than 250,000 people in the UK each year, with 6000 postal workers, 400 telecom workers and even 100 guide dogs among the victims.

James Hill via e-mail

AS anyone who was at the recent Track World Cup cycling in Glasgow's new Sir Chris Hoy velodrome will tell you that we have another simply amazing venue in this city.

The Glasgow crowd were fantastic, and the atmosphere was electric, as the athletes put on a fantastic show.

It points to exciting times ahead as we gear up for 2014.

Jim Smith Hyndland

I WAS to delighted to see Aaron Kawani won your Times Tot competition.

He is a lovely little boy and a deserving winner.

I hope you run this challenge next year. My daughter is expecting and I'll be a granny for the first time. Our little smasher will be up for it.

Jean Sinclair


SO we have £42million in small change lying about our homes (Weekend Times).

My husband and I have been trying to save £2 coins in the run up to Christmas but,since we started, have had just ONE turn up in our change. Now we know why!

A. Gibson