DOES anyone else have a problem with David Cameron's latest confession?

The Prime Minister has revealed there's one thing that gets him "physically sick".

Just "one", when the poor man has a pot pourri of pain from which to choose.

Take your pick from the massive deficit, welfare cuts, Scottish independence, the NHS, Europe, tax dodgers, immigration, internet trolls, gay marriage.

Pause for breath: then, women bishops, corrupt politicians, UKIP foster carers, bringing home all our squaddies, or freeing an SAS veteran who made a mistake with a trophy gun.

Enough hassle there to make even a spin doctor's head spin. But, no, it's none of these.

So what most nauseates the man at No 10? Why, the issue of prisoners' voting rights.

Euro judges in Strasbourg ruled in 2005 that Britain's blanket ban on prisoners voting was "unlawful" and incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.

They gave them until last week to end it. Dave is working on a response, but proclaims: "No-one should be in any doubt: prisoners are not getting the vote under this Government".

We'll see about that. Those Euro judges have 2500 cases pending against the UK by prisoners denied the vote.

With almost 100,000 prisoners in the UK, the financial floodgates (if not the prison cells) could open if the government fails to concede some ground.

I could be over-reacting, but has the country Dave governs not been going down the toilet since 2007?

The PM should be more concerned about slopping out on this side of the walls, mired as we are in the Jimmy Savile Beeb sleaze, fat cats' pay, and that same human rights rubbish that protects terrorists.

After all, we are meant to be in this together, right up to our collective armpits.

Anyway, this isn't about human rights, it's being confused with civil rights.

Prisoners want compensation for having those rights breached - when they are in jail for breaching other people's rights.

It's a script worthy of Ronnie Barker and Porridge.

Picture Fletcher in the Bar-L, trading fags for votes, and Blackhill neighbour Arthur Thompson becoming the local MP (today there's every chance of an MP becoming a cellmate).

Picture Fletch using his mobile to take pictures of his comfy lifestyle, complete with premium Sky TV channels, and posting those pix on Facebook.

Only that one's not a TV comedy - it's reality today.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling proposes a telly blackout as he targets, "perks and undeserved privileges".

He also wants to prevent prisoners suing for compensation, by stopping taxpayer-funded legal aid (they'll have to dip into their ill-gotten gains to pay striking lawyers).

Do the same with hate preacher Abu Qatada. He wants £10million for his time behind bars. Only in Britain.

Most of the country can't stomach the idea of prisoners getting any perks.

If they then get thousands in taxpayer compensation, Dave won't be the only one reaching for the sick bag.

THE 3500 BAE workers at their Govan and Scotstoun yards are facing an uncertain 2013.

BAE has warned their three big UK yards – Portsmouth is the other – that one faces closure.

The Better Together drive has made a big deal about Scottish shipbuilding, from Rosyth to the Clyde, being safer within the UK.

They claim independence is one guaranteed way to lose those yards.

Let's hope that argument still floats their boat after BAE announce their decision next month.