MY wife and I took a walk through Glasgow's Kelvingrove Park the other day and were amazed at the transformation of the bowling greens for the forthcoming 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The only big let-down was the state of the old bandstand in the park.

I remember going there in the 50s to watch the shows.

I hope it is going to be included in any forthcoming plans.

It would be a shame for it to fall any further into disrepair.

JH via e-mail

What a pity that Japanese football writer Daisuke Nakajima came all the way over here to cover a Rangers match only to discover it had been cancelled (Evening Times, November 26).

It seems that even in these days of mass communication, social networking and suchlike the fact that a football match has been cancelled can still be missed.

Happily for the writer he appeared to be quite upbeat, especially when he discovered he could still visit Elgin.

Jean Brown Possilpark

DON'T get me wrong, I am a great supporter of all the new buildings that are sprouting up in Glasgow, but am I the only one who thinks our historical buildings should get a chance to shine?

The Hydro, the Velodrome and the Riverside Museum are all brilliant, but what about The Egyptian Halls in Union Street?

Do we really want visitors coming out of Central Station to see scaffolding around the Alexander 'Greek' Thomson masterpiece?

S Brown Maryhill

THE new cycle paths built in Waterloo Street have added an extra obstacle to what was already one of the city's worst bottlenecks.

Traffic coming up Hope Street is backing up all the way to the Clyde thanks to the narrowing of the street.

I drive this way every day, and have yet to see a single cyclist using the new lanes.

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