EACH week the Evening Times will throw the spotlight on one of the dozens of new businesses determined to succeed.

They are the future for Glasgow and the West of Scotland's economy and are working hard to achieve success in the face of continuing economic hardship.

Many start-up businesses are struggling to take off because of the economic downturn, and this new column will offer advice for potential start-ups.

Each start-up will answer the same questions about their business and their answers will be showcased in the Evening Times every Wednesday.

This week, Iain McDougall, right, tells how he began providing ortho-pedic and dental implants.

Who are you?

Iain McDougall

What does your business do?

Biotechnology company providing bio-regenerative orthopedic and dental implants.

Where are you based?

eSpark Glasgow – a great supportive environment when surrounded by so many other entrepreneurs.

How did you get started?

I was introduced to my co-founder. He happened to be the UK's chief dental officer.

I thought he was nuts so I turned him down. But he was persistent – I like that.

What is your background

Former strategy consultant with one of the top global firms. Went to Boston on the Saltire Fellowship and came back a biotech entrepreneur.

What is your top tip?

Get out there and hustle. How long has your business been running?

Three weeks.

Has anyone helped you get started and how?

Huge amount of support from the Scottish Enterprise High Growth start-up team.

My Babson pal Les, a former Harvard professor, who meets me for a drink each time I'm in Boston. He keeps me grounded and gives me a hard time – tough love.

What was your first deal?

Selling my grass cutting business for 10 grand. I was 14.

What was your biggest mistake/or what would you do differently?

Listening to people who say it can't be done – they just haven't tried or they have decided to give up too early.

Who was/is your mentor/or inspiration?

Rich Aldrich the co-founder of Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Boston.

I was introduced to him by someone who said "you gotta meet this guy, he's just like you – a punk in a pinstripe!"

Where do you plan your business to be in five years?

We will be turning over £10million each year, and have 30 rockstar staff.

And more than 250,000 patients will be walking around in our new hip and knee implants.

Useful contacts Entrepreneurial Spark, Silicon Valley Bank, Harper MacLeod, Henderson Loggie