Returning to our home city of Glasgow, after three years abroad, we are amazed.

From the airport, to the bus and hotel, to the people on the streets and in the shops, everyone is welcoming, friendly and helpful.

Not only to us, but to all visitors, whether they speak English or not.

The River Clyde is absolutely spectacular, and it is safe to walk there even at night.

The shops are splendid in their diversity and displays.

The Christmas lights are fantastic, and Buchanan Street could certainly be compared to the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

Gone are shop assistants more intent on their nails than their customers, gone is the air of redundant past industries; the whole city centre seems safe and vibrant, colourful and fun.

The community policing of the streets is done with tact and humour – and where is the litter?

Yes, Glasgow and Glasgwegians should be proud.

This city is world class and well-ready for the Commonweath Games.

P Kerr Via e-mail

I THINK it is a disgrace that the ConDem Government has decided to close the Remploy factory in Springburn (Evening Times, November 27). It just shows what this Coalition Government think of our disabled workers.

Glasgow North East MP Willie Bain should be congratulated for the fight he put up to try and save this factory.

Sadly, the decision shows that the Tories don't listen, even when an MP puts forward a powerful case for the community they serve.

Gary B Gray Via email

I WAS delighted to read (November 26) that the Glasgow Film Theatre is to get a third screen.

In these days of soulless, noisy, multi-plexes, the GFT is a haven for real film fans. There's no stink of fast food, your feet don't stick to the carpet, and patrons show real consideration for their fellow film-goers.

Alex Craigie Via e-mail