YOU published a letter from me earlier this month regarding an apparent lack of support from the National Lottery for Glasgow's Commonwealth Games.

Since my letter appeared, I have had several responses from Camelot.

In a nutshell, the Lottery contributed £2.2 billion to the London Olympics, and Camelot was mandated by the British parliament that £750 million of that would come from specially designated scratch-cards.

That being the case, surely the Department for Culture, Media and Sport at Westminster and Glasgow's MPs should ensure that a similar decision is made by the UK Government to ensure that Glasgow receives the same assistance from the National Lottery.

Sadly, it seems Glasgow MPs are too busy attacking the SNP to represent the city at Westminster.

J McElhill Clydebank

IT is good to see that the new Hydro Arena on the banks of the Clyde is nearing completion, on time and on budget, and that it is attracting some big name acts.

However, given that Glaswegians have got so used to calling the nearby Clyde Auditorium the 'Armadillo', how long will it be before the Hydro, with its distinctive domed roof, becomes known as the 'Turtle'?

B Lever Via email

I WAS pleased to read (November 27) that EastEnders' actor Stefan Booth has backed the Evening Times' Opt for Life campaign.

It makes sense that the organ donation system in Scotland is changed to an 'opt out' rather than the current 'opt in' method, because more lives will be saved and it still gives people the choice.

As the country's population gets older, we need to have a different donation system that helps keep people healthier. I think a change to the organ donation laws is what is needed, and it will show Scotland as the progressive country it is.

Annie Macdonald East End