TOMORROW is the feast day of St Andrew; the patron saint of Scotland and thanks to a decision made by the Scottish Parliament back in 2006 it's also a bank holiday too.

So as the big day looms it's got me thinking about St Andrew and how little I know of the man or with the traditions associated with the day itself.

I mean we know that the Americans go bonkers for the 4th of July and Thanksgiving, and that St Patrick's Day is celebrated all over the world with people drinking Guinness and wearing huge Green leprechaun hats shouting 'Top of the morning to ya' in their best Irish accents, but what about St Andrew?

I decided to go online and investigate a little further.

Turns out St Andrew wasn't even Scottish. He was born in Bethsaida on the Sea of Galilee and was a humble fisherman who became a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Sadly he ended up being crucified by the Romans on a diagonal cross which is said to be the basis of today's Scotland Flag, known as the Saltire.

All of this was very interesting to me, however it was the traditions and myths surrounding this Saint that really caught my eye – and trust me, all of you single ladies are going to love what I'm about to tell you.

Apparently superstitious belief exists that the night before St Andrew's Day there is a certain magic that reveals a young woman's future husband or that binds a future husband to her.

Many related customs also exist: for example, the pouring of hot lead or candle wax into water will show your future husband's profession based on the shape it forms. In some areas in Austria, young women would drink wine – sounds great so far – and then perform a spell, called Andreasgebet (Saint Andrew's prayer) while nude and kicking a straw bed.

This was supposed to magically attract their future husband although I'm struggling to see how jumping about like a lunatic kicking lumps out of a straw bed while in your birthday suit would attract anyone, but hey it's probably worth a shot.

I am 32 after all and should probably get a move on in that department, so be warned if you see me out on the town tonight and on the vino you know what's coming next.

Anyway if you're not looking for your future husband and would just like to celebrate our Patron Saint in a good old fashioned sane kind of way then make sure you join in on Glasgow's three days of celebrations in honour of St Andrew himself.

It's all happening in George Square from tomorrow and all events are free of charge.

Full details are at and it looks set to be a cracking weekend for all the family.


IT HAS finally happened. Oh yes it has! The curtain has gone up on the Pavilion panto The Wizard of Never Woz and it's full steam ahead until January 19.

Our debut performance went really well last night and the audience seemed to have a ball which was just fantastic for all of the brilliant cast and crew as we've all worked so hard to get to this stage.

Tonight is our Gala Performance of the show and lots of press and celebrities have been invited to come along – so no pressure then.