SADLY, today, many people find themselves out of a job after working in the same industry for several years.

Efforts to save factories like Freshlink have failed as employers decide they can have a more profitable operation in another location.

Meanwhile, the workers face an uncertain future and many will wish to retrain or return to education to give them the best chance possible of finding alternative work.

Glasgow MSP, Drew Smith, is right to remind the Education Secretary that people of all ages need to have access to further education and that communities hit by factory closures must be given special attention.

Mr Russell accepted his call and after witnessing the impact of factory closures like Diageo, in Kilmarnock, Halls of Broxburn and Freshlink, in Shettleston, is well aware of the challenge the government faces.

The only way to ensure we guard against another long-term unemployment crisis is to invest in education and training.

While the focus should be on ensuring young people leaving education are actively engaged, the needs of older workers, many with families to support cannot be neglected.

Even is these straitened times, this must remain a priority.