THE reader who wrote complaining about the lack of use of the new cycle lanes in Waterloo Street, and the bottleneck they create, is obviously under the impression that cycle lanes are created for the benefit of cyclists, when they are in fact used as a means to control traffic.

As a regular cyclist, I can tell you the city council does virtually nothing to make real progress to sustainable dual use roads.

Where potentially useful cycle lanes have been created, e.g. at busy junctions, they are not maintained and consequently not taken seriously by car users.

Peter Anderson Glasgow

OH, DEAR, reader Mr Hill doesn't like dogs, does he? (Letters, November 26)

We apparently live in a veritable canine police state, where gangs of ravening mutts terrorise public spaces and parks, being "boisterous" and biting public servants going about their daily business.

Mr Hill's statistics are impressive, but for every negative figure, there are countless instances of dogs enriching, changing and saving people's lives.and they are far more loyal to us than our treatment of them deserves.

But rest assured, Mr Hill, dogs are intuitive creatures when it comes to human feelings, and I'm sure any sensible dug would give you a wide berth, so don't worry.

A Lanigan Bishopbriggs

I COULD hardly believe it when I read (November 29) that work on the water mains in the city centre is to be suspended over Christmas.

Such a rare outbreak of common sense from a utility company has restored my faith in Santa Claus!

B Hurst Glasgow

WITH all the wet weather and the sudden cold snap, might I make a plea on behalf of our garden birds?

I've been putting out food for them for the last week, and boy do they appreciate it. I've even got a Robin who waits for his daily breakfast.

Mrs Crichton Glasgow