DESPITE an increase in recycling and availability of extra bins Glasgow still has a long way to go to improve its environmental record.

Too much waste is being generated and too much is going to landfill sites, which is costing the city cash in landfill tax.

It is cash that could, and should, otherwise be going to services that people in Glasgow depend on.

Already fines are being planned for people who overfill their bins, and now there will be facilities trialled to recycle food waste.

It will mean an added inconvenience, sorting out material and having yet another bin for another category of waste.

But a ban on organic material going to landfill in the coming years makes this necessary and to get it right the council has to start now.

Recycling and reducing our waste has to become a habit we get used to.

In some parts of the city refuse and recycling are collected on a fortnightly schedule and for these residents it has become second nature to reduce the amount of rubbish they put out.

If we all get into good habits now then years in the future when we see the benefits, we will wonder what the fuss was all about.