IT'S an absolute disgrace that there are allegedly hundreds of people awaiting SPECT brain scans, as highlighted in the Evening Times on Friday.

I don't know what's more unbelievable – the fact there are only two of these specialist scanners in the UK or that they are being produced and shipped in from Hungary.

Surely we have enough home-grown talent in this country to produce these, or is it (as I suspect) all down to saving money?

In the final equation the cost will be even more prohibitive if the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are having to employ engineers here to address the technicalities which have arisen.

Margaret Sinclair, Dougrie Place, Glasgow Don't blame us

COUNCILLOR Matheson's comments that the SNP alone made the decision to cut the budget to Glasgow City Council are demonstrably false.

Glasgow's budget is determined by a funding formula agreed by the Scottish Government and COSLA, of which Glasgow is a member, and the COSLA leadership has agreed in principle this provisional settlement.

Glasgow continues to receive the highest per capita settlement of any mainland local authority, and if Councillor Matheson has an issue with Glasgow's settlement, he should have a word with his COSLA colleagues instead of rushing to the press to criticise the Scottish Government.

It is simply untrue to say that Glasgow is being unfairly penalised and it is particularly untrue to suggest that this has anything to do with how Glasgow voted last May.

In my opinion Glasgow would benefit from a little less hysteria and more constructive dialogue from its leader.

James Dornan, MSP for Glasgow Cathcart

I HAVE to agree with the letter from Mrs Crichton asking us to feed garden birds during the winter.

If we do not take care of these beautiful animals who share our planet, we will lose them and a world without our feathered friends would be too awful to imagine.

Bird Lover AND Feeder, Glasgow