GLASGOW needs a range of measures to help reduce congestion and keep the city's traffic flowing.

The City Car Club expanding to provide more cars in the city and west end will help do that and allow people access to a car without all the expense of running their own.

Where possible, especially for trips into the city centre and at the busy Christmas time, public transport is the best and most environmentally friendly method of transport.

Planing ahead and using bus, train or Subway will get you into town from most parts of Glasgow and park and ride offers an alternative for people in more remote areas who have a car.

The car club has been successful so far allowing it to expand and for every car they have it takes 20 private cars of the road, so is obviously good for the environment.

Hundreds of people have signed up for the car club and more members would mean more cars, able to be shared by more people and more convenient locations added to the pick up and drop off points.

On its own it doesn't solve Glasgow's congestion problems, but it is a step forward and offers a real solution which is beneficial to individual driver and the city's environment.