JELLY BABY is a club night at the bleeding edge of youth culture in 2012.

I can think of no other club so connected with its audience.

So much of the Jelly Baby experience is wrapped around social media that it's difficult to untangle the two.

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Jelly Baby had access to its patrons' friends, contacts, calendars and photos.

It goes a bit like this: if you like Jelly Baby (and more than 8500 of you do) you're reminded daily that Jelly Baby is coming up on Thursday.

You go on the Jelly Baby Facebook page to get on the guest list.

Obviously, you alert your friends to this and they do it too.

You send the DJ song requests, then you get to the ABC after "pre-drinks" and check yourself into the queue.

Yes, the Jelly Baby queue is so enormous it has spawned its own fan page.

Inside is the photographer who takes photos and uploads them to the Jelly Baby page, for you to go to the morning after and tag and share and remind everyone that Jelly Baby is coming up on Thursday.

It's a wonderfully effective strategy, one that other clubs seem to be struggling to replicate.

It helps that JB's bosses are relatively young themselves, and know exactly how to engage with their demographic.

We look on impressed and ponder what comes next for social media.

Other clubs, however, look on in envy and try to copy this seemingly unstoppable success story.