IF there are measures which can reduce or eradicate crime then, for all our sakes, they must always be considered.

The Evening Times Crime on Your Street series gave the most comprehensive analysis of crime in Glasgow and showed that even the smallest of details is recorded and used to help prevent crime.

The lane just of Gordon Street has been a known trouble spot for some time and if closing it off to the public helps stop it becoming a magnet for crime then it is the right decision.

Of course, that in itself won't stop crime and will only help stop it being committed there, and police will need to check other similar locations and act accordingly.

The city centre's network of lanes are essential for access for businesses but have at times been a location for serious crimes and anti-social behaviour.

As our series showed the city centre has never been safer and by eliminating this lane as a hotspot it can be safer still.

Other figures reported this week, showing gun crime down 40%, is more good news proving that the city is winning the war on crime.

However, it cannot be solely the responsibility of the police. We all have a duty to report crime and suspicious behaviour in our communities.

A safer city benefits us all and Glasgow needs to remain united in the fight against crime.