THANK you, Vivienne Nicoll, for your "City 'cares more for statues than learning disabled'" story (Tuesday).

The so-called consultation regarding Day Care Services in Glasgow seem to me to consist of answering six biased questions, implicitly favouring a given, previously determined solution.

This, coupled with ensuring 'the widest number of those involved are consulted', possibly amounts to little more than a 'never mind the quality feel the width' approach.

The needs of those with learning disability must be at the heart of any decision making process. Anything else begs the question: Who actually benefits from the service provided?

G.T. O'Brien

Via e-mail

there are already too many bus and taxi lanes without running another one through Argyle Street (December 4).

Bus companies get all kinds of cash grants and already have dedicated roads all over the city, paid for by the tax payer, who – if we stray into them get a hefty fine.

George Murdoch


WITH the first fall of snow, I yet again find myself tailgated and flashed at for following advisory speed limits on the M8.

It seems some drivers will go to any lengths to prove the depth of their idiocy.

If the overhead gantry says "50mph", that means we're all supposed to slow down to that speed, yet I'm forever being overtaken by eejits in flash cars who seem to think just because they have a bit of money, the laws of physics don't apply to them.

I don't care how big or safety-feature loaded your 4x4 is, for all our sakes, in bad weather, please slow down.

Neil Cairns Glasgow

TROCHLED from Christmas shopping at Silverburn last Saturday, I sat down to rest my feet and listen to the girls' choir from the High School of Glasgow.

Well done girls, you sang beautifully. You're a credit to your school and your parents.

Mrs MacLean Hillpark