What'S happened to Glasgow City Council's gritting this year?

The side roads and pavements are extremely dangerous. If you don't have good grips on your footwear you don't stand a chance.

It seems that this year, instead of the motorised gritter covering the pavements with that brown grit – that seems to last all year round –they are spreading a fine salt that looks like semolina. It might as well be semolina for all the good that it's doing.

This sort of salt only works at a certain temperatures or not at all. And as for the scarcity of yellow gritting bins on the street, I don't know why the council bothers as they never re-fill them.

Come on City Council, stick to what works.

M Rawnsley


I READ with interest in last night's Evening Times about the plan to close off Gordon Lane with metal gates, which is a good idea if it helps stop anti-social behaviour.

A few days ago I read that the lane here in Shettleston, at Kilmany Street/Drive, which is also used for anti-social behaviour and which the Police and John Mason MSP want closed, cannot be shut as it is against council rules. It looks like double standards.

Will someone explain to me the difference between these streets, or is the case that because this problem is in the East End, no one gives a damn?

Name and address supplied

I WAS driving into work behind a low loader with a selection of cars on the back.

Normally I steer clear of these huge vehicles because I'm never convinced that the cars are ever securely strapped down.

But what fascinated and horrified me today was the fact that a long strip of metal was hanging off one of the cars, bouncing up and down and narrowly missing passing vehicles.

The lorry driver must have been able to see what was going on, so why didn't he pull over and make it safe?

I just made sure I was as far away from it as possible.

Mary Green