HERE we go again.

The first really cold snap of winter and we who live outwith the city centre are once again left to deal with treacherous pavements with hard-packed ice.

Glasgow City Council, get a grip. Yes, the roads have to be kept as clear as possible for transport, but the poor pedestrian is left to risk life and limb negotiating icy pavements made even more dangerous with falling rain on top.

Elderly folk are prisoners in their homes, terrified of trying to walk on this or having to walk on the open road, making themselves targets for unthinking motorists who show no consideration.

Make the roads AND the pavements safe.



Carmyle will once again suffer if the No64 bus is taken off.

Our service must be one of the worst in Glasgow, but it is one that I and others depend on, especially early in the morning. We have no other way to get to work, as trains don't run at 5am. It's disgraceful. First should put people before money.

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WITH reference to the letter from Neil Cairns, published on December 6, I would like to point out that the motorway gantry speed advisory signs are just that: ADVISORY.

The only signs that must be obeyed by law are the road traffic signs with a red ring around them.

Mr Cairns should stop getting angry about "careless motorists" and read up on the Highway Code to find out just which signs are advisory and which must be obeyed.

In addition, if he was in the left-hand lane, surely people wouldn't be too bothered about what speed he was doing.

Brian Trueman


I WAS glad to see talent won in the end on The X Factor.

James Arthur clearly had the best potential in the competition and the only one who can now go on to sell albums internationally.

Good luck to him in the future.

R Jack

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