A host of big names will appear at the SECC tomorrow for the Clyde 1 Live show that is aiming to be top of the pops.

While the previously announced Leona Lewis has had to pull out of the event, there is still a cracking line-up for pop fans.

DJ George Bowie is lined up to host the bash and he believes tomorrow's bash has the edge over last year's debut event.

"The first Clyde 1 Live was amazing because I got to do two DJ sets as well as host it, and the crowd was great, " he says.

"Last year there was Dappy and Jessie J, but this time it feels like a more complete line-up and we have something for everyone."

George will also be DJing between acts on the night, a prospect that is making him edgy.

"I am more nervous than I was last year. It went so well that folk are saying they are looking forward to it, which means I can't wing it like I normally do.

"I have been working hard to come up with some ideas and have something in mind for a finale that is very Glaswegian -"

We asked George to give us the lowdown on all seven acts who will be taking to the stage.


"JLS were not a manufactured band. They went on The X Factor and have had five No 1s. They are a massive million-selling band and would have sold out the SECC in their own right, so to have them as part of a collective is amazing."


"He is the biggest DJ in Britain right now, let alone Scotland. He is doing Las Vegas, Miami and shows all over the world. He is in Australia this week and is flying home to do this one Scottish gig before the end of the year because he really wanted to play it.

"It is amazing to be on the same bill as him, as well as intimidating and slightly nerve-racking. I am on before him and I don't want him saying 'Hey, I was going to play that song-"


"Earthquake is going to be the song of the night that will bring the house down. He has just had that No 1 Beneath Your Beautiful with Emeli Sande, so there is also a Scottish connection.

"I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago and he is the sweetest guy, as well as an incredible musician who plays everything – guitar, drums, keyboards, you name it."


"McFly are legends. I said to them the last time I interviewed them that the reason my son plays in a rock band is because he was inspired by seeing them play guitars when he was about eight. For the past 10 years they have taken that boy band thing and really reinvented it by playing instruments, writing their own songs and they have inspired an entire generation of acts.

"Even kids into mad heavy metal bands like McFly, they are very credible now."


"Lawson are the type of band who have got all their own instruments, have gigged around in a van for the past two years and have paid their dues.

"I caught them live earlier in the year at In Demand: Live and I thought they were the best act of the day. They will go down really well."


"It did not pan out for her on The X Factor, but she has released one of the best singles from there with You Bring Me Joy. She is still only 18 and I think she has amazing stage presence. She is a British Kelly Clarkson and should give something different to the show."


"His new song, It's Only Love, is great. I was surprised because I was not a fan of the one Gary Barlow wrote for him (2011's Run For Your Life), but if you asked Matt he would probably admit it was forced on him to do.

"He is a songwriter who can do his own stuff and now he is getting to do it – next year will be big for him. It is almost like a relaunch because things started well with The X Factor and then it died away when the next batch of acts came along.

"Now he is back, and he has a big fan base in Scotland since he did that Biffy Clyro cover. After he won X Factor the first gigs he did were in Scotland because he knew he would get an honest reaction here."

l Clyde 1 Live, SECC, Tomorrow, £27.50-£50, 7.30pm.