TOMORROW Glasgow city centre will see one of the busiest nights of the year as the Christmas party season reaches its peak and tens of thousands are enjoying the restaurants, pubs and clubs.

For many people on work festive outings it will be a rare occasion, with some people not used to being in the city centre late at night, far less on so-called 'Black Friday'.

Much effort has gone into making the city centre safer at all times, and extra resources will be deployed over the busy periods to ensure everyone gets home safely.

The NiteZone initiative has seen a marked improvement at taxi ranks, once an inevitable flashpoint for trouble, making it safer for passengers and drivers.

The police co-ordinate resource deployment with clubs and pubs to ensure they are there in numbers when and where they are needed.

The key to a good night out in Glasgow this weekend is to keep safe, look out for friends, plan ahead for getting home and avoid wandering off alone.

Most of all take the advice of police officers, licensed stewards and taxi marshals when given.

The city centre's array of pubs clubs, hotels and restaurants and public transport will be stretched this weekend but Glasgow will still offer a great night out.

Stay safe and enjoy all the fun and festivities.