The final instalment of Death Disco, The Arches' glittering filthy electro party that lasted a decade, has been and gone.

Its finale was a fitting tribute to a night that began in almost unrecognisable fashion, launched ten years ago with a flyer that looked like it had been knocked up in Microsoft Paint and featuring a Norwegian-themed collection of DJs and live acts.

Bjorn Torske and Kaptein Kaliber (nope, me neither) headlined that one: the early DDs had a European theme, and it was at the Belgian night that a couple of brothers from Ghent played their first ever Scottish show.

It was, of course, 2ManyDJs, who went on to become worldwide sensations, as did many of the club's guests: Calvin Harris, Erol Alkan and Mylo to name but a few.

At the end, Death Disco was as it has always been: rampant, chaotic, ear-splitting and utterly joyful.

Jacques Lu Cont, the alter-ego of Reading's Stuart Price, was sensational: dropping infectious electro classics like every song was his last.

Fred Falke's twisted, big room set had moments that sounded like a synthesiser having a nervous breakdown before building to mass euphoria.

Jake Shears, of Scissor Sisters fame, and Sammy Jo's set was a masterclass in camp electro and proper techno.

By 4am Lu Cont and Josh Jones were bringing things to an emotional climax.

This was no time to be bummed though: there were twinges of sadness, but the sell-out crowd who were left standing went into the night ecstatic that they had witnessed it.