WHAT a brilliant coup for the Evening Times to have its day at the Scottish Parliament with the campaign for an Opt Out system for organ donation (Wednesday).

I wrote and had my letter printed about a year ago about my sister-in-law who has now lived with her donated kidney for two years.

Without the selfless actions of the donors' relatives, her life would have been much more restricted, especially as she had three lots of four-hourly dialysis every week.

Now she can live the life she wants and hopefully she will see her daughter go to college, marry and may one day be a grandparent. Once you know, or aware of, someone like my sister-in-law, an Opt Out system is the only way.

THANKS once again to the Evening Times' Vivienne Nicoll for being a voice for the learning disabled community in Glasgow (Tuesday).

Without her work, the wider society would not be aware of Glasgow City Council's perplexing approach of driving through a policy of 'personalisation' without first discovering the needs of those they claim to serve.

G T O'Brien Glasgow

I WAS so glad to see the little ones get new nativity costumes after the old ones were nibbled by mice (Wednesday).

It lifts the Christmas spirit in these cynical times.

Name and address supplied

I QUITE agree with the Evening Times' reader who pointed out that speed signs on overhead gantries are advisory (Tuesday).

I am fed-up with fellow motorists hitting the brakes as soon as they see the 40/50 sign after travelling at 70mph.

Apart from being unnecessary it is also very dangerous.

Having passed my driving test 20 years ago I'm not sure if these things are pointed out to new drivers.

If they aren't, they should be.

George McGown Cumbernauld