I WAS delighted to see that Glasgow is expecting two bumper nights of Christmas fun, with the first this week (Thursday).

Despite the recession we seem to be making the time and finding the cash to enjoy ourselves, which can only be good for businesses in the city centre and the wider economy in general.

The numbers using the NitesZones show what a great idea these are, and all safety angles seem to have been covered by police and organisations.

Everything has been done to help people enjoy themselves.

But there's one thing only individuals themselves can take responsibility for – and that's how they feel the day after!

J McDonald


SO there are four racist incidents a day taking place in Glasgow (Wednesday)?

Let's face it, racism in all its ugly forms is alive and kicking in the city.

Four incidents a day are only those reported to the police.

You only have to spend time in a football crowd or in a Glasgow bar to know that figure barely scratches the surface. Sad but true.


West End

I WAS disgusted to read about the 90-year-old tricked by a bogus caller (Thursday).

I can't believe someone could target an elderly person in such a way. It's a disgrace.

Name and address supplied

THANK you to the Evening Times for your great Festive Feasts series.

If I can make any of my creations look like the pictures in the newspaper I will be delighted. I can't wait for Christmas day to get tucked into my special meal!



WELL done to The Thick Of It star Peter Capaldi for his comedy award (Thursday).

He thoroughly deserves it. There's no-one else on TV who can make me laugh like he can. I don't know how he can keep a straight face when he acts his part.

S Welsh

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