THE old joke about military intelligence being a contradiction in terms came to mind when I encountered mobile firm 3's customer services department.

I phoned to cancel a small contract for a mi-fi handset and service that I no longer used.

I knew from the contract that I simply needed to give 30 days notice and anticipated a quick call.

An hour later – after hanging up when I was put on hold for a third time between sales pitches for new services – I finally had to threaten to hang up again in order to force the handler to do what I wanted.

As I say, customer? Service?

B Robertson Via e-mail

I think MSP Sandra White needs to think about her priorities.

In these days of people struggling to pay bills, redundancies and families who can't afford to buy their kids a Christmas present, she decides to start a campaign to stop motorists parking half-on/half-off pavements.

A reality check is in serious need here.

D Lauder

Via e-mail

WHERE I live we park our cars in our driveways, but when several neighbours have visitors at the same time they have to leave cars on the pavements because if they parked on the road emergency vehicles would not get past.

So what is more important ?

Name and address supplied

I AM sure the man in your 1952 picture on Friday's memories page is my late grandfather Hugh Leslie, a coal merchant from Roystonhill.

I think that was him with Dandy, one of his horses, heading back to his yard after deliveries to the Gorbals. He worked until the early 1960s and died in 1967, aged 72.

He grew up with horses and served in the Highland Light Infantry, helping the Horse Ambulance.

Ian White Via email