SHE walks into the theatre a mere mortal...

and an hour later Michelle McManus is transformed into the Good Fairy, Glinda.

Thanks to the magic of panto, an ordinary young lady from Baillieston (well, not quite ordinary given she won Pop Idol nine years ago) can be handed the power to save Dorothy from the Wicked Witch of the West.

While the cast of The Wizard That Never Woz make their way along the Yellow Brick Road, Evening Times columnist Michelle – as our exclusive pics reveal – goes on a journey – to become a panto star.

And they reveal not just the process of becoming a Good Fairy – but the fun Michelle has along the way.

Michelle is appearing in her very first panto, and is loving every moment of it.

Working alongside the likes of Stephen Purdon, who plays Strawsuit Bob, Shebahn Littlejohn (Dorothy), Dean Park (Leo) and Johnny Mac (Tinny), Michelle is in her element at the Pavilion.

And already, she's enjoying the backstage camaraderie, chatting to the panto's Dumb and Dumber, or James McAnerney and Jimmy Chisholm as they're known outside of Oz.

The pics also reveal the glow in her eyes as she appears alongside Glasgow's very own Tin Man, Johnny.And clearly Michelle can't help but wallow in the delight of appearing before such a warm audience.

However, you can't talk about Good without mentioning Evil – and the lady in the green curly wig is the Wicked Witch of the West, AKA Joyce Falconer.

The WWW's purpose in life is to make Dorothy's life a misery, while Michelle delights in casting her own spells.

The pics also reveal Michelle taking time to check her wigs, and her make-up.

The purple hearts and the little hats have to be just perfect for the performer who gets to save the day.

In recent years, Michelle has fronted her own radio show, appeared in theatre, and on television – in Still Game. And she was a presenter on STV's The Hour.

Yet, while appearing on the show alongside Stephen Jardine allowed Michelle to become an audience favourite, our pics reveal there's nothing quite like standing in front of a 1600-strong crowd, filled with screaming kids, to make you feel you've arrived.

And at the end of the first act, what can a Good Fairy do but put up her sparkly feet up and relax. After all, there's only so many spells can be cast on any one day.

Pictures: Kirsty Anderson