IT'S really great to see Glasgow bidding to be the host city for the 2018 Youth Olympics.

If successful, it could – along with the Commonwealth Games in 2014 – transform the city and give deprived areas some much-needed regeneration.

There's still a post-Olympics buzz, and hopefully we can now see it continue till 2018.

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THE revelation that the security budget for the 2014 Commonwealth Games has trebled to £90million is worrying.

I fear that Glasgow is going to have a London Olympics-type situation.

The costs of the Games rise and rise and the ordinary taxpayer is left footing with the bill.

It's a way for Alex Salmond to further his independence agenda. He will throw money at this event in the hope of showing Scotland in a good light - never mind the consequences.

I want 2014 to succeed, but not at any price.

Concerned taxpayer


full marks to rail bosses for the electrification of Paisley Canal route!

As recently suggested, the Glasgow Crossrail a 1.8-mile route linking north and south Clyde lines should be next.

I have friends and relatives who live in Ayrshire and Paisley who, when going to Edinburgh or Stirling, drive and park at Shields subway, go to Buchanan Street and pick up the train at Queen Street or trudge between Central and Queen Street. What a nonsense in this day and age.

They were amazed when I told them that a through rail link exists, and it just needs a degree of political will to run through services between south/west and north/east.

Also would be good for regeneration of deprived parts of the city.

Dr Brian Chaplin


I WAS a patient recently in Glasgow Royal Infirmary and while lying in bed looking out the window a feather floated down.

Hoping it wasn't some kind of omen, I just laughed to myself and thought: 'No, it is just a Glasgow pigeon'.