WHY has WH Smith replaced most tills at their Central and Queen Street station shops with self- service units – only to pay people to stand and point them out to customers?

Could those people not just have manned the check-outs?

Most people either want a lottery ticket or cigarettes, which are not available at self-service, leading now to longer queues and presumably loss of business at the few staffed tills.

L Gallacher Clydebank

I'm in my 50s now and have been going to the Pavilion Panto in Glasgow since I was five.

I always remember the end, when they ask the audience, "Did you enjoy that? Want mair? Come back ramorra".

Still doing it this year. Pure dead brilliant.

P Liddell Paisley

I went to see Sleeping Beauty at Rutherglen Town Hall and the show was brilliant, a laugh a minute.

It highlights some great emerging young Scottish female comedy talent – working alongside Steve McKenna and Raymond Mearns.

It was every bit as good and enjoyable as the big names at the King's.

Name and address supplied

I would like to wish a Merry Christmas to all the shops and businesses which no longer accept personal cheques.

Thanks to them my ISA and bank accounts are bulging.

M Stewart Dunoon

YOU asked (December 20), what is the secret of Glasgow's Hillhead High's exam successes. As a retired teacher, I'll give a one-word answer: parents.

Nothing motivates a child to learn like encouraging parents; parents who put their children's needs before their own, and set standards at home for acceptable behaviour.

It's the parents who deserve all the praise.

Name and address supplied