STYLE is timeless.

So why sacrifice it as you age?

Rachel Loxton gave four generations of one family a new look and asked them to share their style secrets.

THE Chau family love fashion. Originally from Hong Kong, they came to Glasgow in the 1970s and there are now four generations of them living in the city.

Grandmother-of-two Eliza Chau, 56, said: "We still go back to Hong Kong once a year. Fashion is fast there and it's really disposable.

"Here it's much easier to shop because it's not so busy."

Eliza, who owns a Cantonese restaurant in the West End of Glasgow, said she stuck to dark colours but enjoyed shopping.

She said: "I like dark colours. I do like fashion – the last thing I bought was a BCBG grey and black jumper."

Eliza said her mum Koon Fung, 84, stuck to burgundy colours and wore jewellery from Hong Kong.

She said: "My mother likes pearls and jade coloured stones on jewellery, very antique.

"She doesn't shop by herself but we usually take her to Marks and Spencers."

Eliza's daughter Rowena Wan-Chu, 33, who is mum to 19-month-old Peyton and Rhys, 4, said she liked to wear trends – as long as they suited her.

She said: "I don't go overboard with trends but I like to be quite modern at the same time. It's hard with two kids but I usually wear jeans, boots, a top and cardigan, just kind of simple clothes."

Rowena said she stuck to leggings and long tops.

She added: "I don't wear colours.

"I like Oasis, Karen Millen and other high street shops. I also like designer handbags.

"The last thing I bought was a top from Oasis."

For her daughter Peyton, Rowena likes to buy a mix of things.

Rowena said: "I like her to be quite funky but still want to make her look like a girly girl."