The news that Springburn Public Halls is in an unsafe condition has angered the local community.

And rightly so.

For over 25 years, the city council has neglected this fine old B-Listed building, allowing the fabric to slowly crumble away. Windows left open to allow pigeons and rain to enter have done nothing to preserve the interior.

Should we be so surprised by the council's indifference to Springburn's history?

Not really. This is the latest in a long line of cultural vandalism perpetrated on this once prosperous area.

Locals suspect the council is just looking for an excuse to demolish the building and sell the land to a developer.

If they get away with that, the Public Halls will join the volunteer-run community museum, in being consigned to the history books.

What next? The remnants of the once magnificent Winter Gardens in our park, also neglected for years until it became unsafe?

Shame on the Councillors who pay lip service to Springburn's history and its people.

Alex Saville Springburn

IT SAYS a lot for today's TV shows that the highlight of my festive viewing was a re-run of the 1973 Morecambe and Wise Christmas special.

An hour of brilliant comedy, with no swearing and no sneering, yet they still managed to poke fun at the politicians and celebrities of the day.

There's not a one of today's comedians who has the timing of the late, great Eric Morecambe.

Russell Cairns Via e-mail

Thank you to the Evening Times as I was a winner of an Ipad. A fantastic prize just before Christmas

We will have fun!

Ann Robertson Via e-mail

Thanks to Barry, the taxi driver who delivered my lost phone to me at home after my office night out. You're a star.

Lynn Foster Via e-mail