WHY do pensioners and mothers with pushchairs feel the need to do their food shopping at lunchtime.

Those of us who are working, race to the supermarket during our lunch break only to find them clogging up every checkout.

Retired people and mums have all day to do their shopping so could surely avoid food departments during the busy lunch hour.

They would have more space to browse and workers would be able to get back to the office on time with their blood pressure at a near normal level.

Charlie Bruce


City street pests

I AM just back from Lanzarote and reading my favourite paper.

Looks like murder, mayhem, and assaults prevail at this time of year - and the festive period should be the happiest time in the calendar.

Yet the police tell us crime is down. That's interesting.

In Lanzarote I felt totally safe while toddling about at 2am and socialising.

There were no zombie- like people in the centre shouting in nasal tones at each other and hapless passers by.

There were no beggars on every corner, and no discernable crazy drunken antics as witnessed every weekend in Glasgow.

So while we might compliment ourselves on reduced crime statistics we have still a long way to go.

Bill Love


Halls are decked

IT IS sad news about the sorry state of Springburn Public Halls as more of Glasgow's heritage is about to be destroyed.

We have lost many beautiful buildings over the decades and another one about to go is Hope Street's Lion Chambers.

This is a building of outstanding architectural beauty that has been left to crumble until it has to be demolished.

When we visit cities such as Prague, Paris and Krakow, for example, we see great architecture being preserved.

It seems in Glasgow we value nothing yet can squander millions of pounds on George Square - ruined by the council in the first place.

T Miller