GLASGOW is very much feeling the ongoing global economic pain.

With a population which has for decades suffered disproportionately from poverty, it was always going to be hardest hit when the crisis hit.

That's why it is essential politicians and leaders in our communitities are pro-active and innovative in trying to minimise the impact on our citizens.

No-one in this day and age should go hungry. But the sad fact is that many are facing that reality every day, hence the need for food banks and other ways of easing the burden.

And it is essential that these support services are provided in a non-judgmental and inclusive fashion.

That's why suggestions like putting food banks and other resources within mainstream establishments like libraries and sports centres, premises without the stigma so often attached to poverty, may have some merit.

Glasgow Councillor David McDonald's suggestion may end up proving to be unfeasible, but he is to be highly commended for thinking outside the box in seeking solutions.

And politicians of all persuasions ought both to consider his ideas positively and to follow his lead by exploring similar innovative ways of helping our fellow citizens in their time of greatest need.