THIS must be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen.

I was driving along Baird Street in the outside lane and stopped at the traffic lights.

On the inside lane was a bus and immediately behind it was a cyclist.

He was all togged up in his reflective jacket, helmet and lights, but none of that would have made much difference if the vehicle had rolled just a few inches back.

And why's that, you ask.

Well, the cyclist was touching the back of the bus with his front tyre.

And to make the situation even more dangerous, instead of looking ahead he was leaning forwards.

Some cyclists shouldn't be allowed on the road.

Mary Green


IT used to be that Boxing Day and January 2 were when everyone went bargain hunting in the sales.

But now the sales seem to be on permanently.

I was in Cumbernauld Shopping Centre, somewhere which seems to be dying on its feet, and I was shocked by how deep some of the discounts some shops were offering

Yes, it's great for us shoppers, but it makes you understand why so many businesses are going under.

With the economy in such a dire position, it's time the Government stepped and did something other than threaten more cuts.

George Wood


JUST a wee note to say a great big thank you for the i-Pad I won a few days before Christmas.

It was a fantastic surprise, thank you so much.

Carole W Stewart

Via e-mail

I WAS delighted to read in my Evening Times that Neilston Leisure Centre could be reopened soon (Monday).

It has been sorely missed.

I will be interested to hear what is discussed at the meeting.

This facility is vital to the community and it is badly missed when not available.


Via e-mail