I AM a senior citizen and I was outraged to read your correspondent's letter on Monday regarding pensioners and mums who shop during his lunch hour.

I, personally, do my shopping on a Friday morning but, if it suited me to do it later in the day, then I would do so.

I would point out that many pensioners are dependent on buses to take them to supermarkets and have a time allocated to them for being taken home again.

Presumably, your correspondent does have a day off every week when he could shop but, if he is in the super-market to pick up something for his lunch, then he could try making up a lunch box at home.

This might prevent his blood pressure rising, just as mine has done after reading his selfish letter!

K. Irvine

Via e-mail

In response to the letter on food shopping at lunchtime (Monday), as a mother of three and with elderly grandparents, I'm totally shocked by the ridiculous comments about parents with young toddlers.

It's claimed in his letter that pushchairs clog up aisles and check-outs on lunch breaks.

Don't be absurd, we'll shop as and when we like. If he is not happy, then take a packed lunch to work and that way he won't have to play dodgems with our pushchairs and Zimmers.

I'll even throw in a Fireman Sam lunch box for you.

Dawn Menzies


I JUST wanted to say what a fantastic idea of Marieclaire McGuinness to turn a piece of waste ground into a community roof garden (Monday).

I was just mentioning this very idea to a friend and commented what a great idea it would be if all the flat roofs in Glasgow's city centre could be turned into roof gardens like so many old rooftops in New York.

With sheer determination and dedication and commitment an oasis of green could be created in an otherwise disused concrete space.

I'm sure office workers and residents alike would be delighted to sit in green areas in the good weather.

Cecilia Buhler