HOW disgusted I feel at Glasgow City Council voting to close the day centres for the disabled.

Presumably the new plan is for the people who used them to sit at home and watch TV.

By going to the centres they could meet other people and could interact with them. Plus it made sure they got a decent lunch.

Meanwhile, as your recent front page shows (was it an early April Fool?) we see £15m has been spent to move statues out of George Square to play beach volleyball – in this weather.

Have the Labour councillors lost all sense?

Charlie Duff Glasgow

On shopping at a supermarket I spoke to staff at customer services.

I told them the self-service scanning machines were doing young people out of work. They told me these machines were optional.

This government and these big companies are always on about trying to create jobs for the young people of this country.

Let me make a suggestion – take all these self-scanning machines out.

Think about it –customers using scanning machines are unpaid employees.

John Kelly Maryhill

After reading in the Evening Times about the demolition of the Springburn Halls my mind boggles, especially when the eyesore that used to be the Talisman pub is still here on Balgrayhill.

The council was quick to pull down the old Marie Curie Building when all the patients were moved.

Now, although the Public Halls have been empty for years, they are pulling it down now – even though it is a listed building.

The Talisman is an eyesore and should have been pulled down when it first emptied.

Is there any sane person at the city council? You don't need a lot of brains, just one ounce of common sense.

They should all give themselves a good shake.

E Ferguson Glasgow