WITH regards to your correspondent on Saturday who thinks libraries should be used as food banks "for those in desperate need of food in these difficult times".

This idea was put forward by SNP councillor David McDonald.

Perhaps our MSPs could allow constituency offices be used for the distribution of food and other services.

Or Glasgow SNP councillor David McDonald, at his next council meeting, could raise a motion that the City Chambers be used as a main "food bank".

Hopefully, other city and town councillors on seeing our councillors rallying to support "those in desperate need of food in these difficult times" would follow and designate their chambers as food outlets.

I don't think the library/food bank is a good idea.

Angus McKay


I HAVE been watching all the programmes on TV about aid for Africa.

I think one answer would be education about contraception.

There is no point people having children and then not being able to feed them with no support available from their own government.

One advert for Oxfam has someone telling us a woman can't feed her twins because she has no food.

It is about time somebody looked into tackling this problem at its root so or a lot more children will die.

J Hill

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IT has been stated that the unemployment benefit will be increased by only 1%,

Many people who are unfortunate to be on benefits are struggling with the pittance of benefits which they must try and buy food, pay for their electricity and gas and try and dress and feed their families.

Now they are about to have the added struggle of finding £50 per month to pay for their "Extra Room".

The jobseekers allowance is a pittance and who knows what the suggested "Universal benefit" will be.

David Cameron and his cohorts are condemning many people to being homeless and struggling.

Angry Citizen

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