THE new sponsors which ensure both the Men's and Women's 10k races go ahead in Glasgow this year is undoubtedly good for the city.

These mass-participation events have been the catalyst for thousands of men and women to get fit and are surely a contributing factor in the city's improving health record.

The women's race has been an outstanding success and is now one of the biggest events on the UK running calendar. To see it disappear or be downgraded would have been a serious blow.

The men's race had been more at risk, even though it has grown steadily and has helped raise awareness of health issues among men – something which has traditionally been a challenge in the West of Scotland.

These events are a catalyst for better health by providing people with a goal to aim for and each time a new runner completes the course they inspire someone else to pull on a pair of trainers the following year.

As Glasgow moves closer to 2014 and the Commonwealth Games, when we will welcome some of the world's top athletes to our city, it is essential that we maintain events that encourage people who just want to get – and stay – fit.

Both events deserve the full support of the city and with that support they, and Glasgow, can keep on running.