I WOULD like to convey my heartiest and warm congratulations to Student of the Year, David Aitchison (Monday, January 7)?

I am a semi-retired teacher and I know how difficult it is to take a course of study, let alone complete one with the challenges faced by David. His parents are obviously extremely proud of him.

Robert L Fielding Cambuslang

MY wife and I have lived in sheltered accommodation for seven years.

As I look out of my window, I can see what used to be High Possil School, which is supposed to be a Grade-3 listed building.

Quite frankly, this property is now an eyesore. It is rat-infested and should be bulldozed.

What are the city fathers doing about it? As far as I can see, not a thing.

Mr B Doyle Glasgow

FELLOW Glaswegians, is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the Glasgow and West STV news at six contains a large proportion of news from the East and in particular Edinburgh.

Even Sean Batty's weather map shows Edinburgh and the latest TV ad shows a Christmas tree by Edinburgh Castle and the Forth Rail Bridge.

Hidden agenda?

Tom Grant Glasgow

I WAS delighted to read that Scotland will be one of the top destinations for tourism in 2013.

With movies such as Brave and Skyfall showcasing our country around the world, we also have the Ryder Cup and Commonwealth Games on 2014 to attract tourists to our country.

I'm delighted people will be inspired to visit over the next few years.

M W Cumbernauld

I READ that litter patrol officers in Glasgow are to be fitted with cameras to protect them from abuse by the public.

It is a good idea. They have a tough job to do. and suffer much verbal abuse so anything on camera can be passed to police as evidence.

George Drummond Govan