I WAS disgusted to find out that there was no late-night bus service from Glasgow City Centre on Hogmanay.

I drove in to pick up my daughter and her pal – they were the lucky ones.

I passed dozens of youngsters walking on the Expressway in the wind and rain trying to get home at 3am.

Surely Glasgow City Council or the bus companies could have had a thought for the revellers. So much for caring Glasgow.

R Sweeney

Old Kilpatrick

Travelling into Glasgow this week has been a nightmare.

Over the Christmas and New Year break some motorists seem to have forgotten how to drive.

Along with an eight car pile-up at the start of the week, there have been numerous vehicles, with flashing hazard lights on, holding up the traffic on the M80 and the proverbial ridiculous message on the overhead gantries advising every-one to slow to 40mph.

This morning, I joined the motorway at Cumbernauld, got about three miles down the road and the traffic ground to a halt.

After trundling along for 40 minutes I reached Glasgow. For once there had been no breakdown, there wasn't a massive amount of traffic, but the signs were flashing 40mph and what did the leading cars do? Slowed right down.

George Jones


WITH regards to the revamp plans for George Square – the Square is our rectangle.

Leave those statues exactly where they are.

Al Cook


I HAVE no sympathy for motorists fined for driving in the Cathedral Street bus lane (Tuesday).

They should be aware of what is ahead of them and realise they can't get away with driving up a bus lane as a short-cut.

M Stuart

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