I REMEMBER the 1968 hurricane well (Thursday).

My father had died suddenly in May 1967. I was 15.

My mum and myself decided to leave Glasgow and start afresh.

We got a tied cottage at Blairmore House, near Dunoon. Our house was on the shore with a road between us and the beach.

The waves were lashing the windows and it blew the front door in, which we had to barricade shut.

The following morning all the beautiful trees on the high road had been blown down and a tree in the grounds of our house missed us by inches.

I got two days off work until the roads were cleared, but there was just so much tragedy I will never forget that night and I can still feel the strength of the storm to this day.

G Cooper


WHILE everyone – including Labour – is moaning about welfare cuts, Labour MP Alistair Darling was too busy scaremongering on independence to be bothered going to Westminster to vote against the Coalition's plans. Does this mean that he supports the cuts?

K McMaster


I TOO must agree with your correspondent on Wednesday regarding a large proportion of news and outside coverage about Edinburgh.

I also find that the BBC outside broadcasts are even more prone to showing on their news bulletins at six, scenes and interviews the majority of which it would appear are conducted in Edinburgh.

Are the Glasgow populace not intelligent enough to have their views and opinion considered?

T Lavelle


I THINK the plan to re-introduce a bus lane in a section of Argyle Street (Thursday) would be a terrible idea.

The street is suffering enough with retailers closing without adding to the problems.

There must be a better way to regenerate the area.

Name and address supplied