I COULD hardly believe it when I read your article on bus lanes (January 10) and in particular to the closure of North Hanover Street on the day of the Olympic celebrations.

Happily I was not driving that evening but the fines issued to drivers were not justified.

The only entrance to drop passengers at Queen Street Station requires driving down North Hanover Street.

Normally every driver having dropped at the station would exit by turning right back into North Hanover Street and then left in to George Street at George Square.

The closure of the junction of North Hanover Street/George Street left the only route for drivers to exit via the bus lane in question.

The council spokesman is being disingenuous when he says adequate alternative routes were signed.

The drivers concerned need to know this, because they all were fined by default .

Campbell Oliver Via e-mail

ALTHOUGH I was only eight at the time, I vividly remember my great aunt's house in Carluke being struck by the 1969 hurricane.

They lived in a 1930s four-in-a-block council flat in Brown Street and both the downstairs flat and the one upstairs had their windows, including all the surrounding brickwork, blown in.

The peculiar thing was that the two next door flats remained intact. I remember being off school the next day and going to visit my aunt and uncle; there was a gaping whole in the wall and the wrecked window frame filled the whole living room.

Had my great uncle been in his usual spot at the table, or had it happened during the day, he would have crushed

Name and address supplied

THANK you very much to the person who found my purse in the street and took the time to post it through my door.

This person left no note, so I can't thank them personally, but I hope they will read this.

It's good to know there are still decent people.

Grateful Knightswood