BOLOGNA in Italy was noted in a BBC series as being a city that remembers its past – how I wish our city fathers had a similar attitude to our own unique and irreplaceable built heritage.

The numerous letters I have had published in the Evening Times since the mid-1990s have had little effect other than to highlight yet another demolition of an A or B-listed building.

Perhaps we should adopt a line from that famous Proclaimers protest song to register our utter dismay at the continued wanton neglect and demolition of our city's architectural history.

We would all be out of breath if we were to list every A and B-listed building demolished in our city over the past decade – we must demand that the city council do everything in their power to protect what is left.


Via e-mail

I HAVE been wondering why cancer drugs cost so much.

We donate vast amounts to cancer charities every year to pay for scientific study into cures and it appears pharmaceutical companies reap the rewards of any breakthroughs.

The excuse they give is that they have so much money invested in the searches for new drugs.

Well, so do we.

With all the tax breaks and donations that these pharmaceutical companies receive, I wonder if they are paying their fair share of tax?

C P O'Brien


AFTER all the threats to cut off the fuel allowance, bus passes and the reductions in housing benefit, it's good to see Glasgow Housing Association cares enough to give tenants of 60 years and over a most welcome £40 vouchers for Morrisons.

This will certainly help brighten up the start of 2013 for some families.

J Alexander


I THINK proposals to merge schools in East Dunbartonshire are very disappointing. Parents could be faced with longer journeys to drop their children off at schools.

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