I READ with interest the story in Tuesday's paper about First's plans to withdraw the No 64 bus service.

It is only recently that First has put easy access buses on this route.

Previously we had to put up with old, ramshackle vehicles.

I recently boarded a No 64. Seven passengers showed their travel cards and the driver never once punched his machine to show how many travellers used them.

If the cards are not registered, then that gives false information on how many people are using the service.

The withdrawal of the No 64 would create a lot of hardship for people who needs to travel in and out of the city.

Stuart Ferguson


I WRITE to congratulate the Evening Times on your 'Pothole Watch' campaign.

I, and I'm sure many people in Glasgow, appreciate all the work you do and can only imagine how bad the roads would be without your hard work.

Thank you and keep on top of the city council.

Keiron McMenamin

Via e-mail

I SPENT an interesting afternoon at the Lighthouse viewing the proposed designs for George Square and, more interestingly, listening to the views and comments of those around me.

No one design for the square seemed to capture the imagination.

Two or three designs had some innovative ideas, and with a little mixing and matching could have had possibilities.

There has to be a winner, but the big question is, will it be a winner with the people?

H Dickson

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HAVING driven in the West Midlands for many years, mainly in Birmingham, I'm well used to dealing with bus lanes.

Down there, the bus lanes are open to all traffic before and after the morning and evening rush hours.

The traffic flowed without too much congestion, so why not give this a try in Glasgow?

John Hain

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