AFTER the delayed decision over George Square (last night's Evening Times), I think it should be returned to what it was originally intended to be – a "Grande Place" to sit and watch the world go by.

It should be a sanctuary of trees and colour, of seating, a place to come and relax.

The judges should listen to what the public want, and that is pretty clear cut.

Leave the statues and bring back some greenery. For the future generations, please listen now.

Sandra McNeeley Maryhill

WE'RE always being told to check the packaging when we buy groceries, for useful information towards a healthy diet.

Now it seems supermarkets can't be trusted to promise us we're not eating horsemeat when we buy beef burgers.

It's frightening to think we don't know what we're eating.

S G Glasgow

No class in ads

EVERY time they show a public information advert on TV about stopping smoking, cruelty, alcoholism, not paying the TV licence, wasting energy they always show lower-class housing?

Don't the middle and upper classes ever do anything like that?

If it's ads for coffee or yoghurt, they always show a nice home with immaculate kids.

J H via email

AS an attendee at the SNP 'Yes Glasgow' event, I was pleased Stewart Paterson (January 17) gave an accurate report of proceedings.

Too many publications prefer to give their own political views. Glad to see the Evening Times is not one of them.

Cyclina Boyle Via e-mail

TO the reader who said mums and pensioners get in his way at the shops in his lunch break, we'd say: Stay out of supermarkets.

In our opinion, men block the aisles, take too long at the checkout and pack bags badly.

Just order online!

Carol & Maggie Glasgow