FOR over five decades the Scotswoman of the Year title has been awarded to women who have recorded remarkable achievements and overcome barriers insurmountable to most of us.

Again this year, we have a list of finalists who have shown courage and strength to inspire and improve life for others.

The list of admirable women we have honoured over the years is too long to mention, and each is individually outstanding so it would be unfair to mention only a few.

Nominations for this year provided many who were worthy of consideration and our six finalists withstand comparison with previous winners.

The enduring popularity of the award is testament to the ability of women to continue to strive to reach a goal, change a law or prevent an injustice.

Over the years the Evening Times has been proud to play its part in honouring these women and their achievements.

The judging panel have an incredibly difficult decision to make to choose a winner and each has an impressive list of attributes to ensure a lengthy debate.

What is certain is that once again, as in each of the previous 49 years, we will have a Scotswoman of the Year who is an inspiring role model for women of all ages.